This ski season, Alta opened its doors to a new Skier Services Building. The entire construction took place between the spring melt and the first snowfall this season. Colvin Engineering designed the mechanical system for the new building, featuring radiant heating, as well as a new central hot water plant so there would be plenty of hot water for the ski patrol after a hard day of powder!

January is National Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month. Check out the link and learn how to ski or snowboard this winter:  SKI UTAH

In 2012, we had a contest to describe “Engineering Redefined”. The winning entry of our iPhone contest stated, “I have never been told by someone from CEA that something is impossible. Instead, I get a measured articulation of what are the options and the ramifications of each….Through this process we are collaborators and the project is better for it.”  The response has been wonderful and we appreciate all feedback and we will continually re-define what mechanical engineering can be.

What does “Engineering Redefined” means to you?


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