MARCH GOES MILITARY – Camp Williams and Hill Air Force Base Projects

RTI-TASS  is a training facility located at Camp Williams. The 50,000 ft2 administrations building is approximately contains classrooms, administrative offices, and a full service kitchen. The HVAC system features a variable volume IDEC (indirect/direct evaporatively cooled) air handler, as well as variable volume kitchen exhaust/make-up air system. The 44,000 ft2 billets building contains dorm rooms, common spaces for relaxation and study, and laundry facilities. The HVAC system is a hybrid ground coupled heat pump system, with a fluid cooler to reject heat in the summer to keep the well field energy balanced.

HAFB Building 1580 includes 75,000 ft2 of office space on Hill Air Force Base. The HVAC system is also variable volume IDEC. The system is ideal for Utah’s dry climate and saves large amounts of energy by cooling first with cooling tower water through indirect cooling coils and direct evaporative media and only using mechanical cooling on the hottest days. This system provides 100% outdoor air when direct evaporative cooling is used and increases building air quality for occupants.

Colvin Engineering  /  MARCH 2015 ENGINEERING REDEFINED