March 2017 ER

This past January at Weber State University, the gas cost to heat 409,000 sf of campus buildings was only $2,758, less than ¾ of a penny per square foot!

In support of Weber State’s commitment to a carbon-free campus, Colvin Engineering is providing design services to convert the existing campus-wide chilled water distribution system to a ground-coupled condenser loop. The loop shares energy between buildings, uses the ground as a source for heat when the loop gets too cold, then “tops-off” the loop with supplemental condensing boilers if needed. The first ground field came online in time to serve the new Tracy Hall Laboratory last fall, but the heating demand of a laboratory building with more than 70 hoods was more than the loop could handle, so some supplemental heating was needed.

A second field is currently being designed, and the master plan calls for additional ground fields distributed throughout campus and integrated with the chilled water system. When all the fields are operational, the current steam plant, as well as these new boilers should be able to be de-commissioned.


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